Hi, I’m S, a new (ish) mum and I live in Brighton. I love writing, and I found myself jotting down short poems/ letters throughout the last year of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood as a way to express the world I’d been catapulted into- one minute elation, next abject terror.

I wrote the poems purely for my own catharsis and joy, but became aware that most writing about motherhood is either sickly sweet,’comic’ or depressing. Also, my own mother died before I became a mother, and I found very little to read on this unusual experience of motherhood in the UK. I am a very positive person, and I have LOVED becoming a mum, but I wanted a quiet space where I could express the highs and lows and challenges of becoming a mother without your own mum around. This collection is also meant to be a reflection of the wide range of experiences and emotions that motherhood can unleash.. Some of the poems are personal and autobiographical, others are more universal. I’d love this to be a collaborative project. Please add any of your poems on the themes in the comments and I will add some to the blog, crediting the poet if desired. Enjoy!


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