Funeral words

This is the poem that I wrote for my mum’s funeral a couple of years ago. I don’t love it- it’s too simple and it doesn’t encapsulate the intensely loving but complicated relationship that we had. However, as I had to read it aloud at the funeral it needed to be appropriate for a public reading.

Thank you, Mum.

Thank you, Jen.

Three small words.
So much to pen.

The ultimate wife, Mum, and Nanna too,
This is how we will remember you.
To thank you for all the love,
and all the support,
a thousand words
would be just too short.

The words, “We love you”
Are just too few
to do justice to the love
Your ‘entourage’ will always have for you.

You taught us all strength and were stoic ’til the end,
Never putting yourself first instead.

A more selfless woman would be impossible to find,
And in your heart, you were nothing but kind.

We could never, ever, have had enough time with you,
You were too lovely, funny, brave and true

For everyone you met, you gave your absolute best,
Now the time has come Mum for you to rest.

Our family is just so fortunate to have had you- and you will live
on in everything that we do.

Thank you Mum,
Thank you Jen.


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